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Anxiously Awaiting Class

After learning calligraphy on my own for two years, I welcome the challenge of a structured class to force me into using my creativity. For months, I’ve become complacent with practicing on graph paper or scratch pieces, but now I have an opportunity to show off what I’ve learned. And, it’s a little scary. Why? Well, there’s so much to learn about calligraphy. From varied pen angles to nib sizes to letter styles (or hands), it will definitely take longer than a couple of years to understand and apply everything there is to know. But, in a few days, I’ll get the opportunity to learn more and I’m excited.

According to the calligraphy group, the class is taught by a well-respected calligrapher named Barbara Close. When I saw the beautiful, artwork she created, I became somewhat intimidated and nervous. But, I remind myself, that every beginner has to start somewhere. As much as I’d love to start writing like Ms. Close and other talented calligraphers, I know I need the class to absorb all I can from her and my new classmates.


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