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Hooked on Copperplate

It’s only my second class.

Maybe I’m overexcited about this class because I’m learning Copperplate. Maybe I’m just pleased that I’m surrounded with classmates. Or, maybe it’s nice to learn with the help of an instructor instead of going it alone.

Either way, I’m just jovial over the whole experience.

But, I wonder, what if the excitement wears off?

Call me crazy – I know it’s only the second class and I’m going on and on like a kid that just discovered Disneyland.

This week, the class completed the lower case alphabet. And, then we received a new challenge – connecting two letters at a time. If anyone has tried this style, in the beginning, they’d agree that connecting just two letters nearly drives you wacky.

Each group begins with “aa, ab…az”, then starts with “ba, bb…bz” until we finish with “zz”. Well, guess what? This exercise kept me busy with lettering until the end of class. I truly did not want to stop.

On occasion, some letters started off smooth and flowed beautifully (so I was feeling extremely proud of myself) while others looked weak and shaky. But, I wouldn’t give up and kept trying to improve. To add to my frustration, for every good letter group I wrote, I’d ruin three.

Well, I refused to accept this minor setback. I continued writing with the determination that each letter will become better than the next. Unfortunately, it didn’t come as easily as I had hoped.

Before I could reach the “c” letter group, Ms. Close assigned homework, but I didn’t want to think about the homework.

Compared to the class assignment, homework doesn’t seem as challenging. But, then, I haven’t even started the assignment yet.

For some reason, I just can’t seem to get the double letter challenge out of my mind. I’m really focused on completing it soon, but I barely reached the “g” category yesterday.

Right now, my main concern is…will I have the time to complete the class challenge and my homework?


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