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The Meeting Solved the Mystery

Any subject mentioning Disney grabs a person’s attention. During this month’s calligraphy meeting, some members had the pleasure of learning about past and current art projects performed by Disney’s graphic artist, Louis Lemoine.

Throughout the year, I’ve heard his name mentioned amongst members and I’ve noticed it in flyers and booklets from the Society of Calligraphy. On occasion, some members displayed obvious excitement upon learning about a future visit by Mr. Lemoine as our potential guest speaker.

Of course, their excitement peaked my curiosity, so I made definite plans to attend this meeting just to find out for myself who everyone was so excited about.

Well, the mystery is finally over. On that Sunday afternoon, I witnessed first-hand why calligraphers find him so fascinating. As Mr. Lemoine spoke during the meeting, he displayed recent art work designed exclusively for a Disney charity event. He also enlightened us with interesting behind-the-scenes stories and engaged us in his new personal project he’s showing daily on his personal Facebook page.

Within the 2-hour meeting, the audience sat in anticipation of his every word and every art piece. Personally, I sat in complete awe of Mr. Lemoine’s work with Disney. Even after 30 years as an artist, he continues to create valuable, impressive graphics with strong passion and creativity.

 Mr. Lemoine’s designs impress and inspire, and I am honored to have absorbed some of his knowledge. I’m definitely a fan now.


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