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From Fun to Frustration

After the last class, it’s almost tempting not to mention any experience. So far, it seems like every class  starts well and then ends in disaster. But, I think venting about my weaknesses helps me focus better during class.

At the beginning, the remaining upper case lettering consumed our attention. Within the hour, I created some fine lettering almost similar to the instructor’s example. So, naturally, I felt confident about moving onto the next assignment.

Just before the break, Ms. Close passed around a sheet containing five different quotes. While receiving the sheet, she notified our class that the quotes were good to use for practice. Feeling optimistic, I assumed this project would be fun until she broke the news to us.

My rose-colored glasses turned blue when she informed the class that our calligraphy assignment involved practicing the 25-word quote in three different sizes…at three times each!

During class, I designed letter after letter, word after word and still struggled with the nib. No matter how much I wrote, one mistake after another appeared to leave me in a constant state of disappointment. From ink blobs to scratched paper, I desperately needed a break from the cycle of madness I created on my practice paper.

Can you believe this is only the 4th class?

I just hope I get better at Copperplate or the one activity that brought me joy could possibly bring me heartache.


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