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Class started late last week due to the brief storm.  Since rain in Southern California is unusual, some drivers tend to maneuver recklessly under these conditions. Unfortunately, the wet weather caused our instructor to arrive about 10 minutes late, ( due to heavy traffic problems) and nearly half of my classmates were left standing outside the locked classroom waiting to pick their favorite seat.

After the instructor arrived and presented our class assignment, I finally felt a moment of relief.

I’m happy to report the feeling is similar to the first class experience. No frustrations and no thoughts of leaving the room entered my mind during the entire session. Hooray! 

Ms. Close introduced her alternate upper case Copperplate style and the lettering turned out to be more fun than I expected. As we watched Ms. Close form each alternate letter on the projection screen, the example sheet was passed around to give us a closer description on how to form each character.

Out of the entire alphabet, only fifteen letters were revised in this causal yet beautiful design. 

It’s taken a few weeks, but now I feel the passion coming back.


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