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Time to Show Off

Class was closed for the Veteran’s Day holiday, so it gave me a chance to contemplate on my design for the next homework project. About two weeks ago, we were given a new and challenging assignment which is due  by the first week of December.

In an effort to show off our current Copperplating skills, we’re expected to create a menu with the theme of our choice. Ms. Close said we can be as simple or as formal as we wish. Whether it’s a holiday or a quirky theme, the possibilities are endless for this menu project.

A few classmates attended Ms. Close’s class years prior and brought in some of their menus as examples. These wonderful menus included rubber stamp art with traditional Thanksgiving or Christmas food items, while others’ work tickled the funny bone with “out of the ordinary” entrees and desserts.  

It’s nice to know we have creative freedom with this project. We can choose the paper we want and also any medium for the background designs to just have fun with the menu while showing off our lettering.

At first, I struggled with the theme and even more trouble deciding on the entrees. But, the extra day off last week, allowed me time to practice and brainstorm some fairly good menu ideas. I plan to design a fun and casual background with complementary food choices.

I’m ready for the challenge and excited about how it will turn out. I better get started!


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