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Holiday Decorating with Gouache

My menu is finally finished and ready to turn in for next week’s class. Unfortunately, I missed the last class due to a family emergency, but the menu assignment is done. 

Christmas is around the corner and nearly all of the holiday cards are complete. Creating the cards this week brought me absolute joy.  While decorating the cards, I made sure each one contained a different design. Some cards include embossing, others are embellished with stamps and a few contain glitter to add a touch of holiday sparkle. Of course, each one is designed with Copperplate lettering and I must confess that it doesn’t look like I just started this style 4 months ago.

The gouache paint came in handy for lettering in red, blue and gold designs. It’s a far cry from using the black ink I normally practice with.

Although the ink pens I used for last year’s cards offer refillable cartridges in several colors, the end result differs considerably compared to using gouache. On occasion, the ink bleeds and if the ink runs out, re-applying a fresh refilled pen can cause more errors than I care to experience.

Hopefully, this weekend I’ll be able to finish the cards and get them mailed out soon. Time goes by so quickly and Christmas will be here before we know it.


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