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My First Book-binding Project

Maybe it’s me but class appeared slower than usual this past week. Since the semester is coming to a close, I guess things are starting to wind down. As usual, we couldn’t leave class without having another homework assignment.

Based on the explanation, I believed I could handle the homework with no problem – but it had its challenges.

Earlier in the week, Rosie and I purchased the paper for the assignment – a medium weight vellum paper. The paper has a translucent, off-white appearance that allows the letters to show through the other side. When the sheets were layered,  the letters appeared to have a shadow effect between multiple pages.

Before I started the project, I nearly panicked when I found the written sheets of paper needed binding into a book. She asked that we use Japanese book binding to create the book, but I had never tried it before, so I wasn’t sure how it would turn out.

Well, thank goodness for You-Tube. Within five minutes, I picked up the process with no problem. I added the front and back cover and finished with the Japanese book binding. Luckily, it turned out better than I expected. And, through all of it, I managed to complete the Christmas cards and mail them out!


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