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A Break from Copperplate

Not much happened during our last class of the season. The first half was purely devoted to book binding instruction since most of us have either forgotten or never learned how to book bind before. But, once the break started, the fun and mingling began. Although a quarter of the class did not show, those in attendance helped themselves to crudités and dip, spicy hummus chips, and assorted baked goodies.

While eating and mingling, I definitely took the opportunity to browse around the room and check out the completed books.  Some books were filled with quotes in various colors and calligraphic lettering. A large number of them included original drawings and designs to enhance the quotations while adding interest and color to the book’s theme.

The impressive artwork displayed in those books caused me to realize just how much can be done with calligraphy. There is so much more to calligraphy than just addressing envelopes or notecards.

This class of talented people has influenced my love for this art more than I ever imagined, and I feel very lucky to be a part of it. I’m going to take every opportunity to practice Copperplate during the winter break since we’ll learn a new calligraphic style when class begins in January.


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