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Holidays Spent with the Parallel Pen

Oh, the holidays! They’re filled with food, fun, shopping, family get-togethers and pure indulgence in sweets. But, during this lovely and cold holiday season, I managed to squeeze in some practice and enjoy the freedom of trying different calligraphy styles. With so many styles to choose from, there were moments when I wasn’t sure where to start.  As I began toying around with the pointed pen and a few other writing instruments, I found myself attracted to writing in italics again.

To keep the lettering simple and clean, I use my Parallel pens by Pilot. The pens come in assorted nib widths and I  own four different sizes since they’re basically used for practice.

The pen design offers a sleek, modern nib which is perfect for italic lettering. This makes it top choice among my calligraphy classmates.

Before my introduction to the Parallel pens, italic markers and refillable pens were the only tools I used to create italics. At times, they worked fine and served their purpose for practicing; but the refillable pen nib usually posed a problem when the ink needed replacing. Just recently, I attempted italic lettering with a pen and nib, which was nothing short of a disaster on paper; so I think I’ll stick to writing with the Parallel pens for now.

The holidays are nearly over and I’m still in the course of practicing italics. If I’m lucky and choose not to become sidetracked or delayed by the New Year festivities, there’s a big chance I’ll create something beautiful enough to be framed.


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