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An Art to Be Respected

Whenever you see calligraphy in art work or on a greeting card, it’s hard to believe someone sat down to create it because it looks so perfect. Oftentimes, people wonder if the lettering is computer generated. In the 21st century, I guess it’s uncommon to think a calligrapher had to write out the letters first before a computer program could create the fonts or graphics.

In recent years, calligraphy has made a significant impression on me. I would usually be the person saying, “Wow. How did they do that?”

Guess what? Occasionally, I still say it after viewing the beautiful creations of my talented classmates.

When I realized how much time and patience it takes to design a calligraphic piece, my respect grew tremendously for those who dedicate their time and lives to this art. Two years ago, I started calligraphy as a hobby, but did not realize how much it would challenge and interest me. With so many styles (hands) to learn, it’s difficult to become bored. The more you practice a hand, the more you become challenged until you either master it or get extremely frustrated and move on to the next hand.

Though some people choose their favorite letters to practice on a regular basis, it’s easy to stay busy with plenty of styles to create.

If you want to experience the fun and challenging art of calligraphy, or just gain a higher respect for it, I highly recommend starting with a how-to book. You can find a basic how-to calligraphy book at your local craft or book store. Once you feel comfortable with this timeless art form, consider joining the Society of Calligraphers in your area for tips on the best products and classes to help you become a better calligrapher.


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One thought on “An Art to Be Respected

  1. used to know someone who did caligraphy.
    its amazing

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