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Ready for the Change

If you’ve ever tried calligraphy and practiced a particular hand for several weeks, you know the process becomes stale and repetitious. With the extended break from calligraphy class, I’ve wanted to add some spark to practicing the letters and gave serious thought to designing a future art piece. Of course, there’s a homework assignment due next week that I really should start on, but trying my design work with another style besides Copperplate seems like fun.

As much as I love writing in Copperplate, I’m excited about starting something new. Over the weekend, I chose to work on uncial lettering with the pointed pen to get a head start before class begins next week.

To my pleasure and amazement, it worked  well without specific instruction from a book or teacher. For about an hour or more, I just doodled around with the pen to get acquainted with the style. After lettering several lines, I noticed its appearance proved similar to the traditional uncial letter, except for a few minor details. If you try pointed pen uncial, it visibly presents an elegant, yet slender line to each letter.

Traditional uncial style differs from pointed pen uncial because a basic square nib produces a heavier look to the letter created. This look provides a  historical appearance to most manuscripts and artwork due to its lack of whimsy or flair.

I’m realistic, so I’m sure one evening with pointed pen uncial does not prepare me for a full fledge art project. It’s definitely too soon. But, I can always try traditional uncial first, and then see how the finished piece looks.

Once I learn more about pointed pen uncial, I’ll design a similar piece and compare the two to see which one is more pleasing to the eye.


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