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Short-changing Creation

Two weeks ago, I started rough sketches to depict the design I want for my next calligraphic project.  But, all the other commitments in life, like family, work and class homework slowed the process tremendously.

I’m happy to report the class homework is complete. Our assignment included numbers in Copperplate and any other calligraphic style, as long as we created a project with visual substance.

For days, I sketched designs and imagined the color choices I’d add to this art piece. If I would have created the design I planned first, it would have taken a week of daily work to complete it on time. My ideas were more ambitious than I could handle, so I scrapped them and settled for a simple design including only two colors.

On a 4” x 8” piece of Calligraphy paper, I drew numbers in Copperplate with red gouache in the middle. On both sides about an inch wide, I also drew italic numbers with black ink.

The simplicity gives it character, but I would have awed the class and myself, if I took time to work on my original idea.


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