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Doesn’t Matter How You Start…Just Do it

Calligraphy is an art for anyone who appreciates it. When you’re ready to take the plunge and plant pen to paper -don’t worry about following any special rules.

Before starting, I researched some books on the subject and then purchased a “how-to” book. What I learned during my research captivated my interest and I immersed myself in the history and art of calligraphy. Within less than six months, I completed the “how-to” book, purchased more supplies, practiced religiously and joined the Society of Calligraphy.

The Society of Calligraphy contains hundreds of members from across Southern California. A new member gains exposure to the art from dozens of calligraphers and enthusiasts during monthly meetings and classes throughout the year. The monthly meetings, plus mentoring sessions with Rosie, helped me gather valuable information to get my journey off to a good start.

Two years later…I wonder… did I really need all the prep and coddling before taking the plunge to write with the pointed pen?

For example, our new class member shared her calligraphy story with me. I learned that she bypassed all the research and practice.  She never had a mentor or joined the Society. It’s funny-she never tried any lettering before this class and she’s starting with the pointed pen! What a brave woman.

For several months, I avoided the pointed pen because I didn’t trust myself to learn properly from a book. So, I continued all practice with markers and refillable ink pens. Boy, I was missing out on so much fun back then!

But, I’m still impressed with the new student. She jumped into this class with both feet and her beginning pen strokes are not bad for someone who just started calligraphy.

Now I wonder if I was a calligraphy “chicken”?

 The good news is…I’m definitely not one now!


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