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The Pen Revival

As much as I love the pointed pen, I discovered new ways to use the Parallel Pen last week during class and now I think I’m hooked.

We had a visit from calligrapher and art supply store owner, Brenda Broadbent.  During her visit, she brought calligraphy supplies and answered questions about specific products and provided an enlightening presentation about the various uses of the Parallel Pen.

Rosie introduced me to this writing tool before I started calligraphy class and I became an instant admirer of this pen.  When I purchased all four sizes a year ago, I practiced italics a few times and then dropped them for pointed pen instruction with Ms. Close.

Now I’m in love again. Our class demonstration was so inspirational and informative, I couldn’t wait to get home and try out the pens with the new information I learned.

Ms. Broadbent created gorgeous letters using various medium, like watercolors, acrylic inks and the Parallel Pen ink. She introduced an amazing process to add multiple colors to the pen and demonstrated lettering on different papers.

You’d have to see the letters designed with this pen to truly appreciate the value they hold. The colors she chose to blend and match produced such visually stunning letters that I wanted to keep the  class samples for my own writing inspiration.

Before the end of the morning, I learned so much about the multi-uses of this pen that I purchased a book called Parallel Pen Wizardry by Brenda Broadbent, so I could absorb more information about how to use this versatile tool.

Like a child on Christmas day, I opened the book and read it cover to cover. Then, I spent most of the evening copying Parallel Pen designs from the book to re-acquaint myself with the pen.

Now, I’ve got to balance time between writing tools. I guess I’ll practice a little bit of pointed pen on some days and explore some fun with the Parallel Pen on other days.


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