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Changing Hands

Have you ever learned something new and realized you needed more time to grasp the concept?

In calligraphy class, we’ve worked with pointed pen uncial for about four weeks and I felt pretty comfortable with the hand.  But, now we’re on to something new. 

Pointed pen uncial provided a wonderful opportunity to try new techniques and it was a nice break from the Copperplate hand. It’s ashamed I didn’t get more time to discover other creative possibilities with this style.

 I’m considering practicing later, but it’s unlikely that I’ll spend much time thinking about it with a new hand.

Today, we were introduced to Spencerian penmanship. It’s an elegant style with similarities to the Copperplate hand, but there is less emphasis on the heavy line strokes.  

So far, the lower case letters are reminiscent of cursive writing, so the lettering is easier than I thought.  After a full of semester of Copperplate, it almost seems too easy!

Next week, we’ll probably start on uppercase letters; then I’ll see if this letter poses a problem for me or not.


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