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Unconventional Lettering

Within months, I’ve discovered calligraphy as a versatile art form. Over the weeks, I’ve been exposed to  styles from classic to light-hearted and fun. But, this week, I’m wondering if this latest alphabet should be considered as calligraphy.

Our most recent class assignment involved primitive type letters.  It’s an alphabet code with no particular origin, but it looks like writing from the Ice Age. If anyone read the letters without translation, they’d find most letters difficult to understand.

It’s funny because last month we were writing delicately with a pointed pen, and now we were using wood, chop sticks, or any other blunt end object to create this weird-looking alphabet.

But, I’ll admit, this primitive alphabet has grown on me.

During my first attempt, I worked with black ink and a chop stick tip and the outcome brought no interesting appeal with its rough lines and drab appearance. Then, a classmate produced the same alphabet using turquoise gouache for the title. She also used the same color for the quote, but used the pointed pen style with a smaller font size. The look she achieved with the color was fantastic! It offered excellent contrast and texture to her work that caused me to envision my own multiple projects for the future.

Although the lettering looks chunky and rough, it offers visual appeal with pointed pen styles. The thin lines compared with the ultra-thick blends abstract with elegance.

Since our instructor challenged us to work on a team project together, I took the opportunity to demonstrate my talents and creativity with this unusual lettering. (It actually turned out beautiful.)

Rosie and I teamed up to create our own art piece, then we swapped pages to write the “chunky” alphabet title somewhere on the paper.

Rosie opened up her mini-notebook filled with helpful tips, instructions and some of her favorite quotes, so we both chose a separate Japanese quote from her book.

After writing my quote in a cheerful Celadon green, I handed my completed work over to Rosie who added a soft pink color for the “chunky” title. The piece resembled a nice springtime feel since the two colors blended well together.

This class project inspired so many ideas that I’m ready to get started on a few projects. Recently, I drew out some plans and I’m excited to get started. I just need the right paper and the right quote and I’m set to go.


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