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What’s In A Book?

Think about the month of June and the subject of weddings and graduations pop up in conversation. The lucky “June” brides and hopeful graduates often look forward to a new future, so celebrations are definitely in order.

Although I don’t know a single bride –to-be, nor do I personally know of a 2010 graduate, thoughts of this season and an ending semester, sparked an interest in a wedding calligraphy book I stumbled upon at the Cerritos Library last year.

At the time, I didn’t feel confident enough in my skill to check out the book, but I flipped through it gazing at the colorful wedding paraphernalia on nearly every page. For at least a minute, I wished for the skill to duplicate the images I witnessed. Without hesitation, I promised myself that I’d be back for the book the moment my lettering improved.

Well, that day finally arrived and I felt comfortable checking out the book to demonstrate my new and improved skills. While visiting the local library last week, I located the book and checked it out immediately.

Weddings, Invitations, Announcements, Place Cards, and More, written by Bette Matthews includes gorgeous calligraphy from several talented calligraphers and it’s filled with valuable information for the bride-to-be, as well as, calligraphy students and enthusiasts.

The book guides novice calligraphers and do-it-yourself brides through a gratifying journey with calligraphy sectioned into the classic, elegant, romantic, modern and artistic.

Various calligraphers contributed their detailed work demonstrating creative ideas and examples of wedding invitations, envelopes, announcements, favors, menu cards, place cards and other memorabilia. The inviting and vibrant photos would stir up the imagination of any lettering artist seeking new ideas. Unfortunately, a bride with limited artistic ability might find its contents intimidating.

Even though the lettering offers some challenges for brides, it does provide practical advice, such as wedding etiquette, tips for working with calligraphers and over 10 lettering styles to choose from.

On the other hand, this book shares instruction and examples for calligraphers looking to try new letter styles or learn layout techniques for a wide variety of projects.

If you enjoy calligraphy and plan to use it for weddings or special occasions, this book is a great starting point. But, if you’re planning to tackle some calligraphy ideas on your own, do yourself a favor…start six months in advance.


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