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The Self-Published Calligrapher

Being a fairly new calligrapher keeps me humble in the presence of those who have invested tremendous time and effort into the art. So, naturally, I respect seasoned calligraphers for their dedication, patience and creativity  that continue to inspire me on a regular basis.  And, if a calligrapher takes the next step to write or publish work in a book or two, I’m in absolute awe. Published work conveys the artist as an authority on a subject that even professionals can’t help but admire.

For example, a classmate told an impressive story about a Society member she met at the Society for Calligraphy annual meeting, who published a calligraphy book but she’d never heard of him or seen his work. During the meeting, she introduced herself and inquired about his enthusiasm for calligraphy.

The self-published writer and calligrapher of Korean descent created the book specifically for calligraphy enthusiasts in Koreantown and claimed it’s popular within his community. Apparently, Koreans enjoy the look of American lettering and his passion for it led him to produce a book.

His story provides amazing inspiration because this “fifty-something” man learned calligraphy without any outside direction or classes. He practiced regularly by copying calligraphy samples from a few books until he decided to take on the publishing of his own. During class, I had an opportunity to review the book and the pages were filled with calligraphy samples written in English, then translated into Korean. It also contains entertaining jokes and interesting quotes, particularly for his targeted audience, and it’s such an inspiration for artists with a dream and desire to publish their work in the future.


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