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Beginners…It’s Time to Try Something New

Like many artists and crafters, there’s nothing better than learning new techniques to pique creative ideas for exciting new art projects. Mixing varieties of medium for added textures and visual interests are so much fun that it’s not hard to lose track of time.

From drawing to sculpture to web design, there’s endless information ready to absorb at our fingertips. Unfortunately, we get so caught up with creating that it’s easy to neglect expanding our horizons into new medium.

In recent years, I attempted watercolors and scrapbooking and didn’t realize calligraphy provided an enhanced and customized look for my projects. Skimming books and practicing solo, failed to impress the idea of mixed media for projects.

Using pencil for sketching and paint for color was the closest I’ve ever come to mixing more than one medium. It wasn’t until I attended the calligraphy class that I discovered calligraphy offers more than addressing envelopes. I learned the benefits of changing things up, so all this time, I really missed out on creating some nice stuff.

But, if you’re a fairly new artist or crafter, I have news for you.

Calligraphy beginners and enthusiasts are in for a real treat. Next month, one of Southern California’s popular lettering artists, Barbara Close, will instruct a two-part course at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana. You’ll have an opportunity to try hand lettering while getting a dose of its history.

Whether you desire to learn the origin of calligraphy or test the waters before taking a full length course, I recommend for beginners and artists looking for a new medium to try. Although it’s a two-part workshop, you have the option to take it one day or both days. Plus, Ms. Close provides materials for the course, so . All you need to bring is patience, creativity and a love for calligraphy. She’ll do the rest. Go ahead and explore a new skill.

Please note: The workshops start on July 13 and 20 at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, CA. Visit for fees and additional details.


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